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INDIANAPOLIS, IN (September 9, 2004) ¾ Panasonic’s line of voice processing systems gets an “extreme makeover” with the addition of four new models — the KX-TVS95, KX-TVS125, KX-TVS225 and the KX-TVS325 — which include entirely new features and improvements.

“With helpful features such as a built-in tutorial to assist with a wide variety of functions – from initial mailbox set-up to automatic call routing based on time of day,” says Mark Balsama, Group Manager Manager, Panasonic Communications Systems Division, “operation and use now becomes virtually effortless.”

A welcome addition to any small to mid-sized business, Panasonic’s new voice processing systems answer calls via an automated attendant and then route the caller to the appropriate extension or department.  For calls that need to be routed to voicemail, the KX-TVS125 has 32 hours of voice storage capability, the KX-TVS225 features 64-hour voice message storage and the KX-TVS325 can store up to 128 hours of voice messages.

The KX-TVS95 and KX-TVS125 support 64 individual, password-protected mailboxes, while the KX-TVS225 and KX-TVS325 can handle up to 1,024 password- protected mailboxes. Each mailbox owner can record a general message, a message for use “after hours,” and a “busy” greeting for when they’re on the telephone or away from their desks. 

           These new systems are also expandable to match the growth of the users’ business. The KX-TVS125, KX-TVS225 and KX-TVS325 all start as four-port systems; however, additional ports can be added with the appropriate expansion cards. The new KX-TVS125 can grow to a six-port system, the KX-TVS225 can include up to 12 ports and the top-of-the-line KX-TVS325 is expandable up to 24 ports.

Making call management as efficient as possible, the new Panasonic KX-TVS95, KX-TVS125, KX-TVS225 and KX-TVS325 Voice Processing Systems include many new and improved capabilities, such as:

·        Personal Custom Service: The Personal Custom Service feature allows each user to have their own custom service greeting. By listening to the options programmed into the personal custom service greeting and then dialing a digit to select the desired option, callers can select how they would like their call to be handled.  Options include routing calls to a designated mailbox or extension, an outside line, custom service, voice mail service or the auto attendant.  

·        Caller ID Callback: While retrieving a message, the user can instantly initiate a callback via available Caller ID* data.  

·        Call Transfer to an Outside Line: Enables the voice processing system to transfer calls to an outside line. The system can dial up to 32 digits, so calls can be transferred to your cell phone, home or to another business location.     

·        Direct Inward Dial (DID) Call Routing (DID): Routes pre-programmed DID numbers to a desired extension, mailbox or custom service. Up to 200 DID numbers can be stored in memory**.  

Voicemail has also been enhanced. For example, a new Toll Saver feature lets users check for messages without incurring a charge.  When sharing a voice mailbox with another user, a “Save messages as New” command lets users listen to messages, and leave the other subscribers’ messages marked as new. Additionally, voice mail users can program their mailboxes for a five to 100 message capacity on a per mailbox basis, and to save messages from one to 30 days or for an unlimited period of time.  

The Panasonic KX-TVS95, KX-TVS125, KX-TVS225 and KX-TVS325 voice processing systems are compatible with most all of the Panasonic Digital Hybrid IP-PBX phone systems, Digital Super Hybrid Systems and Advanced Hybrid Systems. In some cases a Telephone system software or hardware upgrade will be required to activate all the features in these new voice processing systems.


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