Preparing a KX-TA624 for use with a voice processor
NOTE: on this website, "voice processor,"
 voice processing system," and "VPS"
 mean the same thing.
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  • This page is for use only with a Panasonic KX-TA624 phone system.
  • This page does not apply to older analog systems (KX-T30810, KX-T61610, KX-T123211D), or to KX-TD, KX-TAW or KX-TDA systems.
  • If you want your high-tech voice processor to work like a fancy answering machine, CLICK.

  1. If you have the ORIGINAL VERSION of the 624, use program 102 to specify the jacks used for the voice processor. We recommend jacks 7 and 8. You will also have to use program 103 to establish DTMF integration, or upgrade your 624 to a later version. 

  2. If you have a "DASH ONE" OR LATER VERSION of the 624, use program 130 to specify  jacks 7 and 8, or program 131 for jacks 15 and 16. You must disable programs 100, 101, 102 and 103 if they were enabled.

  3. If you want phones to ring before the voice processor answers, use programs 411, 412 and 413 to delay its answering. You can select delays of 5, 10 or 15 seconds, an inaccurate timing reference that represents one, two or three rings. Make your changes for the jacks where the voice processor is plugged in.

  4. If you want calls to be answered immediately by the voice processor, use programs 408, 409, 410 to disable ringing for all phone jacks, except the jacks where the voice processor is plugged in.



  • We recommend using Jacks 7 AND 8.
  • Connect Jack 7 to Port 1 in the VPS and Jack 8 to Port 2.

You need to use four-wire (two-pair) cords, because the outer pair of wires carries the vital data.

◄With the KX-TA624, you will need one cord for each port in the voice processor.

Connect your PC to the VPS using the AbleComm ProCable, or a serial cable and null modem adapter from RadioShack. Be sure to get a cable or adapter that has the right connector for your voice processor, which may be 9-pin or 25-pin. 

>>You CAN'T program your voice processor with a USB cable.<<


.You're now ready to program your voice processor.


Thanks to PanaWizard Kirt Morose for his help on this page.


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