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This page has  information on a new generation of Panasonic voice processors. There are four new models.


The new KX-TVS90 replaces the KX-TVS80. The KX-TVS90 is identical to the KX-TVS80 (2 Ports & 6 Hours total storage), but has Spanish prompts in addition to English, and costs much less than the 80.


The new KX-TVS120 replaces the KX-TVS110, and has these important improvements:

  • The KX-TVS120 is shipped with a KX-TVS204 4 port module pre-installed, (2 more ports than the KX-TVS110), at no increase in price.

  • The KX-TVS120 offers 6-ports maximum, 2 more ports than the KX-TVS110.

  • The KX-TVS120 has 32 hours of storage, almost DOUBLE the 18 hour capacity of the KX-TVS110.

  • The KX-TVS120 has Spanish prompts in addition to English.


The new KX-TVS220 replaces the KX-TVS200, and has these important improvements:

  • The KX-TVS220 is shipped with a KX-TVS204 4 port module pre-installed.

  • The KX-TVS220 has 64 hours of storage, DOUBLE the capacity of the KX-TVS200.

  • The KX-TVS220 has Spanish prompts in addition to English.


The new KX-TVS320 replaces the KX-TVS320, and has these important improvements:

  • The KX-TVS320 is shipped with a KX-TVS204 4 port module pre-installed.

  • The KX-TVS320 has 128 hours of storage, DOUBLE the capacity of the KX-TVS300.

  • The KX-TVS320 has Spanish prompts in addition to English.

First comments: GREAT SYSTEMS. Call handling is super-fast on hard-drive TVS120; it seemed like chip memory.

 >> Additional Features For All Models <<

All of the new enhanced voice processors have the features described below. Some features do not work with some phone systems. Please see the Feature Compatibility Chart lower down on this page.
  • Unlimited Message Length: Lets you record two-way conversations of unlimited length into your mailbox or another person's mailbox (Two-Way Record or Two- Way Transfer). The maximum recording time for other messages is automatically set to six minutes. This feature is activated via class of service, by assigning "0:Unlimited" in the settings (class of service).
  • Remote Selection of Company Greeting: You can record five different company greetings and change the active greeting remotely, without re-recording. This is a real benefit in situations where you are unable go into the office (in bad weather, for example) and the company greeting needs to be changed to notify people that the business is closed.
  • Delete Message Confirmation: The voice processor can request confirmation from the mailbox owner before erasing a message. This feature can now be enabled or disabled.
  • Clock Synchronization: The internal clock in the voice processor system is synchronized with the clock in the digital phone system (with DPITS integration). The VPS clock will be changed automatically any time the phone system clock is changed or when DPITS integration is established.
  • Remote Call Forwarding Set: From a remote location, you can set your phone to forward various types of calls to a desired extension, or to an outside telephone. You can set all six call forwarding modes remotely: Forward All Calls, Forward Busy Calls, Forward No Answer Calls, Forward Busy or No Answer Calls, Forward to a CO (outside telephone), and Cancel Call Forward. Call forward to a CO can be activated or deactivated on each extension. This feature is very useful if you want your calls to reach you when you are out of the office. You can move from one location to another and change your forwarding to follow you.
  • Trunk Service: each trunk (CO line) group can be assigned to one of four incoming call service types: Voice Mail Service, Automated Attendant Service, Interview Service and Custom Service.
  • Day/Night/Lunch/Break Time Service: this is a timer function that initiates the appropriate call handling method depending on the time of day: Day, Night, Lunch, and Break Service periods.


  •  Older models cannot be upgraded to the newer models' features.

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