Using the KX-TVA50 as a deluxe "answering machine" with a
 KX-TA624 phone system
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Communication Systems Division

Technical Advisory

                                                                                                                                                                                   Updated: Oct. 19, 05

                             Setup TVA50/200 Voicemail as an Answering Machine


Document Number: KXTVA1000002

Phone System Program:

Setup Voicemail integration, as you would normally do on the phone system

TVA50/200 Voicemail Program


1.        Select System Parameters and click on extension group tab.

2.       Click on the ADD button above Group List No.

3.      Enter 100 as group list number and select OK

4.       Click on the ADD button above Extension No.

5.       Add all extensions into this group 100

6.       Select Mailbox Settings and click on add mailbox

7.       Add mailbox 100 and assign extension 100 to this mailbox.

8.       Select Class of Service and set options to maximum or appropriate for your application

9.       Select Port/Trunk Service and Service Group No.1*

10.   Select Custom Service Menu 1 as Incoming Service on All 4 modes (day-night-lunch-break)

11.   Select Service Settings and click on Custom Service tab

12.   Click and drag Day Control to the grid; you should have CS No. 1 (day control) window

13.   Click and check all boxes (Sun ~ Sat, Holiday)

14.   Double click on Assign Operation box and select Trf to Mbx (transfer to mailbox) option.

15.   Enter mailbox number 100 as Value on  (Sun ~ Sat, Holiday)

16.   Click on OK when you are finished

 *You may assign different Service Group No. to different ports/trunks if you need multiple mailboxes

This application is for fully trained Panasonic systems technicians.  If the steps above do not seem familiar to you do not attempt to program the system.  If you have any questions on this application refer to the installation manual for a full explanation.


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