Using the KX-TVS50 as a deluxe "answering machine" with a
 KX-TD phone system
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Technical Advisory


                                                                                                                                                                                   Updated: Nov. 16, 00

                (posted 10/3/04 but not tested)


   Subject: Install TVS50 as an Answering Machine on a KX-TD phone system


Document Number: KXTD1232017 (Edited slightly by AbleComm)


KX-TD programming.

1.      In program 117, select the jack where the voice processor is plugged in..

2.      In program 990, change area 2, bit 8 to 1; and area 5, bit 7 to 0.

3.      In program 609, add "#6100" to every mailbox ID.

4.      In programs 409 and 410, set 165 as the intercept extension for a KX-TD816 or 1232; or extension 295 for the KX-TD308.

5.      In program 203, set the intercept timer for the number of rings you want before un-answered calls are sent to voice mail (3 or 4 is usually right).


KX-TVS programming. 

1.      Go to Dialing Parameters Menu (Program-Hardware-PBX Interface-Dialing Parameter Menu).  Change the PBX type to the proper model

2.        Go to System Group Assignment (Program-System Parameters Settings-System Group Assignment).

3.      Choose “2.  Extension Group”.

4.      Choose “1 Enter”

5.      When prompted, enter 100 for the group.

6.      You can name the group anything you wish. Even "Larry" is OK.

7.      Now enter the extensions that will be in your group (up to 20 extensions).

8.      Go to Mailbox setup (Program-Mailbox Setting)

9.      Choose "1 Enter"

10.  When prompted for the mailbox number, enter 100.

11.  Set the extension of owner to be the same number as the group (100). Now set the other settings as you would for any other mailbox.

12.  As a check, you should now have an extension group, a mailbox and the extension of the owner for that mailbox all using the same number (100).

At this time you can have up to 20 extensions using the same mailbox.  All message-waiting lights should light on all extensions when the mailbox has a message.

NOTE: If you use this set up you can not have a private mailbox for any of the extensions in the group.  That means that all extensions share the same mailbox.

This application is for fully trained Panasonic systems technicians.  If the steps above do not seem familiar to you do not attempt to program the system.  If you have any questions on this application refer to the installation manual for a full explanation.


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